Sunday, June 14, 2009

Journal Entry - Our First Day

I'm keeping a journal on this trip, and I figured the easiest way to keep everyone up to date is to post some of my entries on here...

June 15 at 8 a.m. - at the "At home' guest house in Bangkok
Our first morning in Thailand...must have woken up at 7 (didn't have a watch)...slept great though and I'm hoping that the jet lag is behind me (went to bed at around 9 cause I just couldn't keep my eyes open longer). Lor and I were freezing in our room last night (haha)...had to turn our air-con up to 22 degrees and pile on the clothes. Funny that we were freezing in Thailand - we got a good laugh out of that this morning!
Tim met us at the airport yesterday and we took a cab (no backseat seat belts!) to Kao San Rd. (the back packer street)...explored a bit...lots of stands selling everything you could ever need (even fake diplomas), lots of bars, etc. Not really my scene - more like a party street, lots of foreigners, etc. - but our guest house is great! Got some pad thai from a street vendor and it was really good! Then decided to go see some temples . A friendly Thai man told us it was a Buddhist holiday and that the tuk-tuks could take us to a variety of sites for a little over a dollar (it was subsidized by the government). Got a nice driver and he took us to 4 temple sites - a really tall Buddha, a Lucky Buddha, a marble temple, and the Golden Mount (where we had to climb up stairs to reach it the temple site...with all kinds of bells to ring on the way up - pretty cool.) The top also gave us a good view of Bangkok. It was so hot all day - definitely sweated through my clothes...the shower at night felt amazing!
Got a pineapple fruit smoothie when we got back to Kao San...and then went out for some great Thai food for dinner. A quick walk after dinner left me a bit "sensory overloaded" in my jet-lagged stupor, so it was off to bed.
1. Tuk-tuks are really fun...actually felt surprisingly safe even though 4 of us were piled in the back and our driver was weaving in and out of traffic.
2. They drive on the opposite side of the stree - didn't know that - makes crossing the street extremely difficult since I keep looking the wrong way.
3. The Thai people are extremely friendly and helpful - they want to know what your plans are and offer advice and tips...seems like 'just cause'.
Loving it here so far!


Mom said...

So glad your first day went well. Sounds like a FULL day for sure. Now I am off to bed and YOU are ready to get going!! Enjoy your day.

MOBACH'S said...

i love the part of looking the wrong way on the street.. i ALMOST peed my pants.. it was close.. but i held it in... so a becky thing.. miss you guys and check this like 3 times a day to see if you updated!!